High-Quality Electric Services

Christianson Electric has served the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area with high-quality commercial, industrial, and residential electrical services for more than two decades. The Christianson Electric electricians can handle any electric service – from the most basic residential electrical installations and repairs to complex commercial and industrial applications and more.

Experienced Electrical Contractor

Christianson Electric is a professional electrical contractor committed to the best in customer service, long-term relationships, and guaranteed workmanship. The Christianson Electric team capably manages the most complex projects for homes, businesses, and industrial clients.

No matter the property or its size, Christianson Electric has the expertise to handle the most challenging electrical installations and repairs. From retrofits to new construction or electrical repairs, Christianson Electric is on top of the latest codes, requirements, and technologies – including energy-saving alternatives. Christianson Electric services a wide range of products.

Professional Energy Audits

Christianson Electric offers professional energy audits for businesses looking to cut costs and benefit the environment.

Contact Christianson Electric to arrange for an energy audit, or for installations or repairs.

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